PHP 8.2 Now standard on all ideia internet servers

Starting today, PHP 8.2 is the default PHP version on ideia internet hosting servers. PHP 8.2 was already available, and now it becomes the default version due to full compatibility and support by the official PHP developers. Customers will benefit from improved performance, security, and new features.

Existing sites will be updated to PHP 8.2. Customers for whom we have identified a compatibility issue will receive an email when their site is scheduled for the upgrade. The current PHP version will remain available for fallback if necessary.

Existing sites with a manually modified PHP version are advised to manually upgrade to PHP 8.2. Lower PHP versions are no longer supported and pose a security risk. PHP 7.3 will be removed in 2025.

Benefits of PHP 8.2:

  • Faster execution and reduced resource usage.
  • Access to the latest features.
  • Enhanced security through new properties.
  • Full compatibility with other software on our platform.
  • Active support by PHP developers.